M: You look so nice and spiffy!
G: I feel flawless!

Garrett – Age 6

Crusty Mustache

M: So, Garrett has impetigo on his upper lip.
G: Yeah, it’s like I’m growing a crusty mustache.

Garrett DeGruchy – Age 6

Note: I’m going to start adding Garrett’s quotes in this fashion. I’ll have a collection page up shortly to allow you to browse them all.

Old Man Garrett

M: Why are you so grumpy?
G: I don’t like it one bit!
M: That’s just right.
G: It’s just wrong!
M: What’s wrong?
G: I just don’t like it one bit! My shirt feels like paper!

Garrett – Age 6

Tiny Bed

Why do I have to sleep in this tiny bed? I am way bigger than that!

Garrett – Age 5


G: Mama! I’m making more Garretts!
M: How are you doing that?
G: That means I’m hitting ctrl-v!

Garrett – Age 4