You Squid?

You Squid?

Telling Dad Jokes is one of the best things in the world, especially when you’re a dad.

<Garrett is playing Animal Crossing>
G: Dada! I just caught a squid!
D: You squid?!

Garrett – Age 6

NDT Should Close His Twitter

One of Neil’s insensitive posts

Neil has had some pretty awful tweets lately. This is, by far, the worst of them. I think fame has gotten to his head. Combine this with his intelligence and he suddenly thinks that his inane pure logic is somehow relevant or worth listening to. I think this tweet sums up my feelings.

Update: His “apology” (warning: Facebook) is just as tone deaf and insincere and non apologetic as I imagine a man of his massive ego would be. I’ve already written to the Hayden Planetarium. Apparently the only way to deflate this once great liaison to science is to threaten his position.

Cautiously Optimistic

The proposed law basically seeks to deter anticompetitive and monopolistic behavior by charging great gobs of money against the companies that get caught doing it. Businesses found to be in violation of certain antitrust laws would owe the greater of either 15% of their annual US revenue or 30% of all revenue over the period of time the unlawful behavior took place.

Kate Cox – ArsTechnica – “Proposed bill would make monopolies pay “serious” fines”

Old TV

(While watching live television)

Mama? Where’s the pause for this?

Garrett – Age 6

Dog Poop

<Mama and Dada are discussing what we’re doing for dinner>
G: What am I having for dinner?
D (jokingly): Poop!
G: I’m not having poop! I’m not a dog!
D: What? Wow!
G: Yeah, they just eat poop as a snack!

Garrett – Age 6