Tiny Bed

Why do I have to sleep in this tiny bed? I am way bigger than that!

Garrett – Age 5


G: Mama! I’m making more Garretts!
M: How are you doing that?
G: That means I’m hitting ctrl-v!

Garrett – Age 4

Loca Lola

G: ‘Loca Lola makes the meal’?
M: What? Where are you seeing that?
G: There!
M: Oh! Coca-cola! Yes, it does look like that!

Garrett – Age 4

Sink or Swim

M: Want to wear your swimming goggles?
G: No, I’m taking swimming lessons, not sinking lessons!

Garrett – Age 3


G: I had these boogers in my nose.
M: Where are they now?
G: Out of my nose.
M: Out of your nose where?
G: In my hands.

Garrett – Age 3