WordPress Fixes

I just realized that when you have trackbacks from other sites that don’t have a <title> tag (Phil, I’m looking at you), they show up as a blank link in the ‘Incoming Links’ dashboard. So I fixed it. This diff should be run against your /wp-admin/index-extra.php file.

Update: I just realized the diff is in the wrong direction. My bad, I’ll fix it in a bit.

Update2: Fixed the fix.

I figure I should tell you what it does before I have people blindly changing some administrative files. All it does is check for a blank title from your incoming links feed and if it finds one, instead of doing the default (which prints a link with no link text), it just puts the URL of the incoming link as the link text.

WordPress is Hell

I’m currently in wordpress function hell.

Please stand-by.

Okay. So.

I’ve been mucking about in the lewd underthings of WordPress today, and I’ve come across some interesting and disappointing things. First off is that despite what is shown in the codex, there are a lot of functions buried inside of WordPress. A great deal of them are hideous, many more are pointless. (I’m looking at you _())