The Department of Health reported 5,266 additional coronavirus cases statewide Monday, bringing the total to 146,341. Duval County added 260 cases, St. Johns had 57 new cases while Alachua added 40. Clay saw an increase of 27 and Columbia had 14 new cases. Flagler and Putnam counties both saw its totals increase by 10.

Steve Patrick

North Florida is being slammed with COVID-19 cases, and we just now began clawing back things like opening bars at crowded beaches, and requiring masks to be worn. Man, fuck the economy, people are dying out here!

Our leaders are failing us at every turn. Look at this shit-fucker not wearing a mask, and singing with a choir also, without masks. 100-plus people!

At a campaign rally in Dallas that featured Vice President Mike Pence, a choir of about 100 people sang unmasked. Epidemiologists worry that singers are particularly likely to spread the coronavirus.

Anastasia Tsioulcas


The dangers of social isolation outweigh the risks of in-person classes for most children, says the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Anya Kamenetz

Oh, good, so we can kill ’em younger, too. Yeah, online courses suck. I’m currently taking a bunch at college. I’m not about to send my child to school when my college full of functioning adult people is unwilling to risk spreading COVID.

You can’t even get arrested without being exposed:

Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said Monday that 19 corrections officers have tested positive on top of 178 inmates who have also tested positive so far.

Andrew Pantazi