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Make a Pillow Fort for Your Podcasts

Don Gonyea with the Student Podcast Challenge have distributed some excellent tips on how to make your podcasts sound great, even if you don’t have an expensive sound-proof studio. These tips are great advice for those of us who are terrible at being audio engineers. While I may not be recording podcasts, I love reading tips on how to do things without spending a fortune.

These tips come from correspondents and audio engineers who are often not in a studio, or a place that can accommodate favorable recording conditions. Obviously good equipment helps with this, but making the environment more favorable can make mediocre equipment work better and give you surprising results.

Any other tips for recording audio?

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I really have no reason to post this, but OPM is too good not to post.
Awesome Star Trek

Picard Release Date!

2020-01-22 – Hot Damn!

Star Trek: Picard has a release date! Ahhhhh! I cannot wait!


Untitled Goose Game

So, I’ve been waiting for this game since I saw it on Reddit ages ago. It seems like such a simple and silly thing, but also such a delightful experience. Walking around as an annoying goose, causing havoc where ever you waddle. In addition to it’s discounted Switch release, it’s also on Steam.

GOTY, for sure.


Jacksonville Autonomous Vehicles

Great to see Jacksonville trying out new things. This place needs better public transit in the worst way. This is a small step forward for Bay Street, one of our busier streets down town.