The Book of Bobba Fett

Very interesting. Seeing Bobba pick up where Jabba left off.

Picard S1E1

I just finished watching Star Trek: Picard’s first episode. What an amazing series! I’m hooked! There’s a lot of good back story to give the hungry fans like me, but some to help newcomers get a sense of placement. The pacing is well done, rolling up and down like a well crafted roller coaster.

The effects were practical, well done and what CG they did include was well done. The characters were well acted and it felt like a short version of the Star Trek movies in production quality. I don’t know if they’re spending quite as much as the Mandalorian, but it feels like it.

Apparently another episode is due Thursday, which is fantastic. It’s been such a long time since I’ve watched any Trek, but I’m hooked again. I’d honestly like to binge it, but I’ll settle for this weekly slow drip.

Watch it. Watch the Mandalorian, too.


Oh my god. Oh … oh Captain, my Captain.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been “into” Trek. I sort of lost interest after Enterprise. I hear that Discovery is good, but honestly I don’t even watch television anymore. I suppose I could get it on iTunes or even on some streaming services, but it doesn’t interest me.

However, Picard absolutely interests me. It does away with NuTrek and brings back TNG nostalgia that hits like a saucer section crash landing on an alien world. I am so hyped by this trailer, that I’m actually somewhat frightened. I will watch this, nay! Devour it. Sir Patrick Stewart always delivers a masterful performance, and for that alone, it’s a must-watch.

While 2020 might be an incoming trainwreck of politics, at least I can sate myself on some Trek escapism.