Pick Your Battles

Journalists are constantly having to defend themselves (both offline and, now online), often with people more powerful than they are. Sometimes these opponents are governments themselves. When you’re faced with a threat that can ignore laws, have access to mechanisms and security breaches that other attackers could have, you have to change the way you approach handling sensitive information.

Sometimes paranoia is the correct option.

There is no defense against a determined, state-level, actor. You just have to hope they lose interest in you, or you are no longer their primary target. The Eye of Sauron is, however, always watching.

Edward Snowden on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

I’m not an avid Joe Rogan watcher. I know he’s done some notable interviews with famous people and that has gotten him and his show a lot of attention over the years. I just never bothered to watch it.

He recently interviewed Edward Snowden, who released a new book called “Permanent Record”. The interview is a long one, and fascinating to listen to. If you care at all about this country, you owe it to yourself to listen to someone who was, basically, exiled because he spoke truth to power.