ACNH: Sea Breeze Life

Life continues to be a relaxing, if busy, time on Sea Breeze. Major infrastructural improvements have been made to the island, making it a much more upscale environment for the residents. Recently, we’ve acquired permitting to install paths, add or remove to river coastlines, install waterfalls, even build mountains and cliff faces. We promise to our residents to use these permits sparingly as to not destroy the natural beauty and ascetics of the island.

Ava decides that my star gazing is worth interrupting.

Update: Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze has been making some strides in mobility, infrastructure and amenities. We’ve built a number of new bridges, cases for increased access to the different areas of our island. Additionally, we’ve updated our Museum, Store and Island Services amenities. For those of you still pining for the vast wilderness, we have an expansive space of lush flowers in a wide variety of colors and types.

Villagers of Sea Breeze

New arrivals on the Island have brought some much needed activity and personality to this once deserted island. Newcomers like Prince, Leopold and Kidd have joined Shari, Teddy and Patty in making our island more welcome.


Ava celebrated her birthday shortly after arriving on Sea Breeze. Happy Birthday, Ava!

Birthday parties when you still have to work that day 🙁

Life Continues


Emma wants me to stop playing on the Switch

Miss May

Miss May. Snuggling in the blankets.

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