It’s My Birthday!

Actually, it is (for real) my birthday.

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic at home, and I’ve fallen off my weight-loss horse. I didn’t stop exercising, but I did stop eating as well as I should have. The (basically) all-chicken diet just wasn’t working for me. So, this weekend, my wife and I resubscribed to Weight Watchers.

I like WW because it’s a no pretense, eat what you want kind of ‘diet’. They call it a healthy lifestyle alteration, because it’s not trying to stop you from eating things, or keep you on some sort of nutrient deficiency. They just make you aware of what you eat, and help you find healthier choices. I also like it because I know it works for me.

Now, comes the hard part. Settling in to try and lose the weight I put on in the last few weeks and to keep that momentum going.

Looking Good, Verily

Feeling good, Nathan!

New year, new theme. This time I went with a premium theme called “Nord” that has a much more streamlined look and feel. I wanted something that wasn’t so business-y, and something that had more blog-focused features than many of the general purpose themes. Believe it or not, it’s hard to find a theme that looks good but is also not basically designed for a storefront.

While I’m sure there remains some shakedown efforts to clean things up, I’m relatively confident that this will look good for a while, now.

Let me know what you think. You can respond to this post on the Fediverse or just leave a comment below.

Crisis in Infinite Mid-Lives

I think I’m having a mid-life “crisis”. Not that it’s a crisis in any real sense of the word. The phrase is used when people of approximately my age tend to start doing things to feel youthful again. The classic example is to buy a sports car, and or get flashy clothes. Apparently, for me, it’s play old video games and enjoy old programs.