The last few weeks have been pretty hectic at home, and I’ve fallen off my weight-loss horse. I didn’t stop exercising, but I did stop eating as well as I should have. The (basically) all-chicken diet just wasn’t working for me. So, this weekend, my wife and I resubscribed to Weight Watchers.

I like WW because it’s a no pretense, eat what you want kind of ‘diet’. They call it a healthy lifestyle alteration, because it’s not trying to stop you from eating things, or keep you on some sort of nutrient deficiency. They just make you aware of what you eat, and help you find healthier choices. I also like it because I know it works for me.

Now, comes the hard part. Settling in to try and lose the weight I put on in the last few weeks and to keep that momentum going.


I’ve been going to a personal trainer for some… 3 months, now? Seems like just a few weeks ago. I was kind of nervous and hesitant on going. After all, I had never really properly exercised before, and the boot camp I had attended some years ago damn near killed me. Thankfully, I’ve had quite a different experience this time around.

My trainer, Tobais, has been not only super chill, but very helpful. He watches my progress and understands where I need work, and where I’m already good at. It’s crazy, I know, that someone I pay actually observes what I need and tweaks the routine. It’s gotten to such a point that I actually like working out at the gym.

I don’t know who this new person I’m developing into is, but I’m excited to see where it goes.