Animal Crossing: Shark Week

It’s summer time, and the livin’s easy. Mamma’s on the Switch and we’re well qualified to represent the Sea Breeze…

Nathan DeGruchy

Okay, so that was a really poor attempt at a Sublime cover…

It is, however summer time on Sea Breeze and as expected, new creatures and other seasonal changes wash over the island. New decorations at the Nookling’s store have a decidedly beachy theme. New bushes flower this time of year and new bugs and fish show up. Even the weeds change!

Apparently, June is also the month for marriage. This month celebrates Cyrus and Reese’s marriage. They’ve booked Harvey’s Island to take pictures for their renewals. Aspiring photographers can visit them and try their hand at wedding photography.

Personnel Change

We’ve gone through some changes in residents, too. Kidd and Prince have left us. Replaced by Carrie and Roald. While the departures are bittersweet, we wish them good tidings in their further adventures.


Sharks are on the loose, anyone swimming at the beach should be well aware of their surroundings and should make sure a buddy is on lookout. This season is when sharks seem to swarm our shores. Sightings of Great White sharks, Hammer-head sharks and Saw-nosed sharks have all been confirmed with captures from our elite team of fishers. Please exercise caution when swimming off the coast.

An abundance of caution, fellow residents. Our elite fishing team came across this great white right off the pier of the airport!

ACNH: Sea Breeze Life

Life continues to be a relaxing, if busy, time on Sea Breeze. Major infrastructural improvements have been made to the island, making it a much more upscale environment for the residents. Recently, we’ve acquired permitting to install paths, add or remove to river coastlines, install waterfalls, even build mountains and cliff faces. We promise to our residents to use these permits sparingly as to not destroy the natural beauty and ascetics of the island.

Ava decides that my star gazing is worth interrupting.

Animal Crossing: New Hype-rizons

I love Animal Crossing. It’s such a chill game and something you can play at your own pace. You don’t have to deal with irritating players who are constantly mucking up the world or unlocking content way ahead of pace like MMOs; You don’t have this stupid sense of urgency around anything, just do it when it suits you. Animal Crossing is a lot of fun.

That is, until you play it on local multiplayer. Then it becomes a fight.

Here is a list of reasons why Animal Crossing: NH local multi-player is utter trash:

  • Want to pick up stuff you gathered to your own inventory? Nope, sorry, if you’re not the leader of the party, it goes straight to the town’s recycle bin
  • Want to access your inventory? Haha, nope, not unless you’re the leader. The only thing you can do is cycle through your tools
  • Want to go through “gated” content with your friends, like getting a museum or the town store? Nope. Only the player who started the island gets to
  • Want to wander and enjoy the lush scenery alone? Nope, you’re teleported back as soon as you’re sufficiently off-screen
  • Need to check your mail, or do anything with your house/tent? You have to wrest control of the group from the leader

I really wanted to enjoy this game with my family, but I can’t. It just turns into a collection of three frustrated players trying to do different things, but only the leader gets to choose. Everyone else is dragged along for the ride.

This leads everyone, especially myself and my wife getting mad at each other when things aren’t being done or someone wants to do a different task or just focus on improving themselves. You must follow the group and that is that.

The problems are all compounded by the fact you can only have one island per-Switch. That means if you don’t like the way the direction of the island is going, or just want to do your own thing, you can’t start your own. Or, you can, if you buy your own new Switch device.

Now, I feel guilty when I take the Switch with me and get some single player time in. My wife gets mad because I’ve gone ahead and played “selfishly” by improving myself or doing things without the consensus of the group. I don’t enjoy playing with the group because it feels like an exercise in frustration and becomes boring as I watch other people play or am conscripted into a task I don’t want to do.

Combat, town, together, apart? Done seamlessly.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 did local multiplayer infinitely better (and with a smaller team/budget). When you play with other people, if you’re close enough, the screen merges and you all play on one screen. If you move off to go do stuff yourself, no problem, the game boxes you into split screen so you can go do what you want. You can even have combat going in one area while someone is in town making money or getting into other kinds of trouble.

I have to say. After all the hype, the waiting and the build-up. I’m kind of let down. The game is fun, but it’s also frustrating for all the wrong reasons.


yES i am HYPE

It’s coming!


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