Marvel’s Hawkeye dropped the first two episodes. It follows the life of Kate Bishop, a newer, younger archer hoping to take the mantle of the, now retired, Hawkeye.

The visual design is pulled most lovingly from the excellent Hawkeye series that features some of the same storyline (modified to fit for the MCU modifications).

Some of the art, in question

This homage to Matt Fraction and David Aja’s work on the series is a really nice tie-back to the original material that doesn’t feel like a rip off (cough, Cowboy Bebop live). It feels like how you should honor those who blazed trails before you. Take from their work and build on it, tell their story, but in your own way.

I’m really glad to see they’re driving the artistic direction with this in mind, it feels like there is reverence and respect, instead of trying to lift content wholesale.


I am a bit of a sucker for Disney. They constantly provide experiences that delight and entertain. While I know they’re a large, monopolistic company setting out on an ambitious quest to dominate the entertainment industry… I just can’t seem to dislike or even distrust them as much as I would, say, Amazon. My family seems to be much of the same.

That being said, we bought into Disney+ from the get-go. It offered a chance to see all of the classic Disney movies, Marvel smash hits and some NatGeo content as well as some specially created content designed for Disney+ exclusively. Honestly, so long as they kept up with the content, I didn’t see the problem.

Well, now we’re 2 months (as of now) in and I’m already bored with it. Mandalorian is already over, Forky with it. There are some new shorts pulled from the various Pixar movies and some Star Wars content that I haven’t seen in a while. The problem is, the vast majority of the content is either trash, or content I didn’t care about before the launch of the service.

This is a real problem. Not just for Disney, but for Netflix, Hulu (also Disney-owned), HBO, Amazon and Apple. There is a voracious desire for content, but it doesn’t come fast enough. People then look elsewhere for new stuff, or drop their subscription until content is fully loaded. I wish I could just buy the content ala carte. We’re back to the old television channels problem: There is so much crap I don’t want or need, but I’m still paying for it.

I know ala carte probably isn’t a good business model to sustain such expensive material, but tying me to a subscription that I use for only part of the time also seems like theft. It’s primarily why I keep waffling around on Apple Music/Spotify/Amazon Music Prime. I don’t listen to that much music, but I’d like to listen to it occasionally without any advertising. It’s certainly a thorny problem.

I’m probably also being a bit of a curmudgeon.