I’ve been back and forth with EasyWP, the host for this blog, and JetPack, a WordPress-sanctioned tool that has a lot of cool features that I would have to (and have, in the not to distant past) replicate myself. The crux of the problem is that the “new” JetPack automated backup requires SSH/SFTP access, and puts some files at the root of the site under /jetpack-temp/, these appear to be helper scripts to help offload data to their servers. Previously, with VaultPress, you just installed the plugin and if you wanted them to restore, you gave them access.

Anyway, the problem is that EasyWP doesn’t want to allow any uploaded scripts outside the core WordPress directories to be processed by PHP. JetPack is unable to, or doesn’t want to change their plugin to accommodate an edge case like mine. Neither side is wrong. I’m just stuck in the middle.

Not sure what to do, now. Maybe WordPress.com hosting? I’m paying an awful lot of money for what I’m doing here…

Too Many Board Games!

A bit of board game backstory, here: I’ve been loosing weight for more than a year, now. Part of what helps motivate me (among other things) is something we set up quite recently. Every week, I choose a sub 50 dollar “wellness win” to help motivate me with a non-food reward. Many of these wins have been almost entirely board games.

I own quite a few board games. It is a problem some would love to have. I enjoy many of them, and some I haven’t even been able to play, yet. Despite this, I keep looking for my next “fix”. Right now, it’s roll and writes and print and plays.

Supermarché, a print and play that I had my wife laminate for durability.

So, should I do with these games? I am planning on pulling out every game from our overstuffed closet and evaluating the need/love of a game, sorting it into piles. Essentially, I need to weed out the cremé of the crop, and sell/donate the rest. Honestly, though, I never thought I’d be in one of these guys shoes, so early into my adventures in the world of board gaming.

New Board Games Rules

  • The game must be a up to five player game. This allows for everyone in my immediate family to play at once
    • This rule is relaxed for print-and-play, solitare-style games
  • The game must have a general “complexity” score of 2.2 or less at BoardGameGeek
  • Games with expansions either need to have good storage mechanisms (Wingspan) or be small enough as to not have that issue
  • More “fiddly” games with lots of peices are to be purchased less in favor of more travel appropriate games (we often transport games to grandma’s house, I hate loosing parts)

With this initial set of rules, I will be able to weed out games that may be fun, but difficult to manage. Storage is at a premium, and we have plenty of games to pick from. The onus is on games that we really enjoy, versus learning new mechanics.

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