PnP Games Madness

I’ve been on a kick lately. Printing and playing games, designed by random people on the Internet with just PDF resources and what I have on hand. These games are lower budget than your boxed systems, have less fancy mechanics (generally) and usually aren’t multi-player.

That is often okay for me. I have a really high tollerance to game fatigue, which many of the people I live and visit with do not. Often it’s enough to crack open one semi-complicated game, or two less complicated ones and have a short evening of fun for them. For me, I could play for hours and with some of my friends in town, I often do.

One of the print and play games I like is this social/economics board called “Austerity”

This style of games suits me nicely, because I can pick up a game, start playing it. “Pause” it while I do something else, and come back to it without having missed a beat. No turns to figure out and watch other people play through. Just me, some dice, maybe some meeple, a pen and some time.

Saving on Games Prints

Recently I decided that I wasn’t going to foot the bill for all the ink and paper usage for these things. My little home Brother MFP was not going to cut it. Besides, Kinkos is right down the road and can also laminate, give me a wide variety of paper types (including water proof!). They also save me the hassle of having to print them, and muck with them. Someone else does that. They’ll even call me if there is an issue with the look or the print.

While they may not be cheaper than DIY, it certainly isn’t expensive. I had Austerity (board and cards), Bargan Basement Baythsphere (of Beachside Bay), Utopia Engine, and Under Falling Skies printed, laminated, etc, for less than $20. They were ready the next day and looking great.

Not bad. Though I printed (and laminated) the low ink version of Utopia Engine by mistake…

While I’m not isolated in these times, it’s nice to know that I can do the equivelent of a nice Sunday crossword, but more my speed, when I have a bit of time to myself.

Going Foward

I think once I’ve played these games, I’ll go and get a couple more put together. I already have Supermarch√© and Four Against Darkness. Ada Lovelace: Consulting Mathematician looks like a great teaser and there have been really good reviews about Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden. These should all be relatively easy to pick up and get going.