Computers Rants

RAM Issue

So. I know I’m sort of computer smarty-man, but that doesn’t mean I’m checking every single specific component to a computer when it comes in. I mean, there is a level of trust I have for a company to get something right.

That’s why I was shocked when I noticed my machine, which I had specified to have a Gigabyte of RAM in it, only had 512 MB.

That’s right, in addition to the broken pixels on the display, I’ve now got half the RAM I paid for.

I have rarely been so livid.

If they don’t do anything about this, I’m zeroing out the HDD and getting a new sweet monitor for my now useless server at home and using Ubuntu for the rest of my days >:(


MacWord 2006

Well, the new Intel Macs are here (henceforth MacTel’s) and after much F5′ing of various media outlets, I’ve finally had my fill of appleness today (woot, MacOS updates!).

Update: no OS updates yet, but Quicktime and iTunes have had ’small’ (i.e. 30-40meg) updates.