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Animal Crossing: Shark Week

It’s summer time, and the livin’s easy. Mamma’s on the Switch and we’re well qualified to represent the Sea Breeze…

Nathan DeGruchy

Okay, so that was a really poor attempt at a Sublime cover…

It is, however summer time on Sea Breeze and as expected, new creatures and other seasonal changes wash over the island. New decorations at the Nookling’s store have a decidedly beachy theme. New bushes flower this time of year and new bugs and fish show up. Even the weeds change!

Apparently, June is also the month for marriage. This month celebrates Cyrus and Reese’s marriage. They’ve booked Harvey’s Island to take pictures for their renewals. Aspiring photographers can visit them and try their hand at wedding photography.

Personnel Change

We’ve gone through some changes in residents, too. Kidd and Prince have left us. Replaced by Carrie and Roald. While the departures are bittersweet, we wish them good tidings in their further adventures.


Sharks are on the loose, anyone swimming at the beach should be well aware of their surroundings and should make sure a buddy is on lookout. This season is when sharks seem to swarm our shores. Sightings of Great White sharks, Hammer-head sharks and Saw-nosed sharks have all been confirmed with captures from our elite team of fishers. Please exercise caution when swimming off the coast.

An abundance of caution, fellow residents. Our elite fishing team came across this great white right off the pier of the airport!


A little chorus outside resident services was delightful. Thanks!

ACNH: Sea Breeze Life

Life continues to be a relaxing, if busy, time on Sea Breeze. Major infrastructural improvements have been made to the island, making it a much more upscale environment for the residents. Recently, we’ve acquired permitting to install paths, add or remove to river coastlines, install waterfalls, even build mountains and cliff faces. We promise to our residents to use these permits sparingly as to not destroy the natural beauty and ascetics of the island.

Ava decides that my star gazing is worth interrupting.

Animal Crossing Exploits

NO. This post is not about Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If that’s what you’re here for, sorry to disappoint.

I’ve been a long time fan of the Animal Crossing series. It’s a great, colorful, “safe” and generally wholesome experience that also is fun to play. While recently, the New Horizons release has charged everyone’s attention, it’s nice to see people are still paying attention to the other iterations of this amazing series.

In the original GameCube version, the player can find or buy NES games. These allow you to place a cartridge and console to actually play an emulated version of that game. While amazing, there is a slightly more rare feature that I don’t believe was ever realized after the game came out.

In addition to the NES games you can find. There is also a “blank” NES. When placed, it looks just like the other games, but it doesn’t have any cartridge on top, indicating a game available. When you interact with it, it would always just say you had no available software to play on it. For most people, like me, that was enough.

Hacking an Animal Crossing

A Github user named James Chambers did a deep dive of the functionality of this feature and discovered something interesting. It turns out that the blank NES was actually designed to load specially crafted ROMs from the GameCube memory card. This would allow you to play a further selection of games. Probably designed to be utilized as part of a promotional deal or similar. Sadly, I don’t think this was ever realized after release.

Not to be deterred, James decided to see if you could actually load a ROM from the memory card and get it to work. After some further debugging and technical digging, they found that the emulator included was actually pretty complete! You can play many NES games with little issue inside of Animal Crossing!

It is always fascinating when people pick apart old games and see how they tick. Often they find interesting, clever or strange methods of making the game work on limited hardware resources. This article just proves that even old games can have surprising features, hidden deep within the code for someone to discover later in life.

Update: Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze has been making some strides in mobility, infrastructure and amenities. We’ve built a number of new bridges, cases for increased access to the different areas of our island. Additionally, we’ve updated our Museum, Store and Island Services amenities. For those of you still pining for the vast wilderness, we have an expansive space of lush flowers in a wide variety of colors and types.

Villagers of Sea Breeze

New arrivals on the Island have brought some much needed activity and personality to this once deserted island. Newcomers like Prince, Leopold and Kidd have joined Shari, Teddy and Patty in making our island more welcome.


Ava celebrated her birthday shortly after arriving on Sea Breeze. Happy Birthday, Ava!

Birthday parties when you still have to work that day 🙁

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