Some of the websites I’ve administered or developed for, professionally, in the past. This page doesn’t take the place of my official resume, but it does provide a quick glimpse into what I’ve done as far as web development goes.

Florida Coastal School of Law

A screenshot of Florida Coastal School of Law's website, ca 2013

I administered this site between 2008 and 2013. During that time I migrated the site from a Cold Fusion-based system to Drupal, implemented HTML5 components for the entire site. Added blogging, user-based editing and headed the website committee.


A screenshot of GridIronNow's website. Ca. 2015

I was hired on in late 2017 to do some WordPress development for GridIronNow.com, a sports website dedicated to NFL and College football. I overhauled the menu system, developed some shortcodes for site layout (pre-block days were wild) and implemented a custom content back end for collecting information about various teams, divisions and game scores.