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Python is Fun

Python is fun.

No, really, it’s fun. There are a bunch of modules that make it easy to implement ideas that may feel complex in other languages (I’m looking at you Perl.).


Not to mention, the most excellent program (for mac) TextMate makes it all the more fun It does auto- complete and you can run your script inside TextMate with a single command (or externally with a different, single, command).

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WordPress is Hell

I’m currently in wordpress function hell.

Please stand-by.

Okay. So.

I’ve been mucking about in the lewd underthings of WordPress today, and I’ve come across some interesting and disappointing things. First off is that despite what is shown in the codex, there are a lot of functions buried inside of WordPress. A great deal of them are hideous, many more are pointless. (I’m looking at you _())


New Office

I got the bomb dropped on me today.

I’m getting my own office.

Holy crap.


I just did a hard-hat tour of the new building, and I saw where my office is going to be. I am stoked, once I get home, I’ll see if I can find some pictures of the area. It’s a pretty big office. No windows, but an office none-the-less.


Ye Olde Things

In an effort to keep the 404 responses down. I’m looking through my logs and trying to upload any content that you guys seem to be looking for (except for a certain German Playstation forum…).

So far, I’ve seen some semi-valid requests for my old 43folders “note book” package. It’s nice to see people appreciate my work, and so I’ve made a new page on the topic of old things, in which projects and content can go for people’s perusal.

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Laptop is Back

My laptop just got delivered to the Apple Store near here. Apparently it’s had it’s logic board replaced.


Hopefully this means the 1 GB of RAM installed will show up now


It’s back! and it’s got 1 GB of DDR3 RAM