How to Make an Emergency Stove

So awesome!

Incredible ingenuity. Basically allows you to build a lightweight stove for next to nothing, available just about anywhere on the planet and one that you won’t cry over loosing, damaging or otherwise not having anymore.

I love these kinds of “life hacks”. Which is why I was so happy to find a whole subreddit of these things. I especially like travel ones, because travel is always such a pain when you want to carry what you need through airports and FSM-knows what else.

I think it might be time to build my own little group of life tips.

Nathan’s Computing Tips

  • Don’t like having to remember complicated passwords? Try making silly sentences related the login you are creating. E.g.: “Google me up a kipper!“. The punctuation helps keep the password complex, but is also easier for you to remember. You can also “mix” several words together to create one long string of gibberish that you can remember with just a mention of some random words.
    • Barring that, get a password manager. There are plenty to choose from. Ranging from the free and open source KeePass to the closed source, but very good 1Password. The big advantage to this is that you can let the system generate a strong password for you.
  • Want to let your friend use your computer? Look for a guest account feature. Windows and Mac have this feature built in, but disabled. Linux users… well, you know what to do.
  • Want to save power on your cellphone at work? Turn on Airplane mode, then re-enable wireless (if you have wireless). Just tell your friends to call you at work if they need to.
  • Rip DVDs to your computer for long trips. Saves power and reduces crap you have to carry.
  • Back up your data. No. Seriously, if you read this list and only learn one tip, learn this one. Even if you just go out and buy a cheap external drive. Do it. This is especially handy if you need to get out of your house during an emergency and can’t take your desktop/laptop/whatever. Grab the drive and go.
  • Need to use a scummy computer in a scummy place that you don’t trust? Download Tails (or any other Live Linux USB OS) to ensure that your communication online is from a trusted source. Though you can’t rule out hardware keyloggers.


Weight Loss Is Such a Pain

Weight loss is hard.

Not that it shouldn’t be. When you gain weight, you put it on knowing full-well what you’re getting yourself into. This is especially true when you aren’t doing anything to fix it in the mean-time.

Erin and I have a New Years Resolution to loose weight, or suffer the consequences. I did well for the first few months, loosing 20 pounds quickly and without much perceived effort on my behalf. That was my undoing.

Second quarterly weigh-in and I lost playing games. I missed the mark by6 pounds. The problem compounds itself as I fail to loose enough weight to gain it back.


Rompin’, Stompin’ Mechwarrior Feet!

I miss the old Mechwarrior games. Stomping around in a big walking tank that shoots lasers and missles at other mechs on a barely distinguishable terrain.

Yes, I realize there is MechWarrior Online, but I’m tired of that free-to-play (aka pay-to-win) B.S.. I’d rather sit here, nostalgic and a bit hopeful that someday my prince/game development studio will come and build me a majestic MechWarrior game.

The old “Mechwarrior 5” trailer from Smith & Tinker

This is exactly why this old video makes me so sad. Smith and Tinker had the look and feel tied up. Considering this trailer came out in 2009, I’m pretty sure the next couple of years would have been spectacular as far as gaming goes.


Rory Wins

Rory Williams Meme
Awesome Computers

WMD Markdown Editor

So, a fantastic new Markdown editor came out.  It’s based entirely in JavaScript and allows for some pretty impressive editing features.

There was one problem with it though.  No way to really integrate it with WordPress. I mean, normally there is some sort of documentation and usually a hook or two via plugin to inject the needed code into your page(s) as they’re built.

On a whim, though, I tried just including the JS files (I uploaded the entire “WMD” directory to be safe) and let it fly.  Not only did it give the just comment forms a nice toolbar, but it didn’t do what I was afraid it was going to do, that is give every text field a toolbar.

Now, after including one line in my comments.php file, I am able to have sweet sweet Markdown in my comments, which are later translated to HTML via the Markdown plugin for wordpress so that comments look good.