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Nobody really knows about my middle name. I’m a super-spy with it.

Garrett – Age 7

PGP’s Longevity

I recently came across an article on Mastodon regarding the state of PGP/GPG.

It lists out some really compelling reasons why PGP shouldn’t be used as well as providing alternatives. Many of these tools are easier to use than GPG/PGP and are, frankly, more popular. Thinking about this, it had been absolutely forever since I had actually used my GPG key for anything other than signing my git commits. While I guess that is still a good use for it, I may not bother anymore. Are we in a post-GPG encryption era?

Education Rants

FSCJ Incompetence

I am an FCSJ Alumni. A proud one, at that. I graduated in 2017 with an Associates in Networking Systems, and I have since started a Bachelor’s degree program to further my education. Until today, I haven’t had any major problems worth mentioning.

This year was much different. I was sure I had done everything in my power to enroll correctly, as I had no items blocking and I had done things early. The problems, however, started shortly after I did my FASFA.

The first red flag that popped up was that my FASFA award took two months to process. I actually had to submit a help ticket to get it processed properly, despite their protestations that it would only take “9-10 business days”. After that, I was able to accept my award and choose the amount that I would need for classes and books. One hurdle cleared.

I then was able to successfully register for classes. I chose the two that I needed and registered without a hitch. It even showed the cost of my classes and that there was an award amount that would more than cover the cost. After that, I was golden. I didn’t have any items left on hold or in my “to do” list in the student portal.

Monday of this week, I even attended my first class of the semester, Florida History, with no problems. I even had access to the class in Canvas, the LMS. The school season was beginning again and I was well on my way.

That is until last night. I logged in and was presented with a new “to do” item. FSCJ, an organization that has not only given me a degree, a certification and hundreds of hours of class time both online and in-person, suddenly didn’t have my high school transcript.

Let me just take a moment to make something explicitly clear: I haven’t been in high school for 18 years. I graduated, did my time in the corporate world, decided to go to college to further my career and had no problems getting my transcript sent in. Not only that, but I’ve spent almost a decade attending FSCJ in my off-hours while working to do so. The fact that they suddenly need my High School transcript in the middle of my Bachelors degree program is… suspicious.

So, I did what I was supposed to do. I entered a ticket. I didn’t hear anything back, so I called them. I was told that I was dropped due to non-payment of classes (despite having financial aid award money). To top it all off. Not only do I have to get my transcript submitted, but I also have to, effectively, beg the department heads to reinstate my classes because I was dropped due to their incompetence.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

So, I’m a good little soldier. I’m resubmitting all the paperwork. However, I’ll be letting them know how unbelievably mad I am at this incredible incompetence. Honestly, they should comp my classes at this point. I shouldn’t have to beg to get back into the classes I was already signed up for, just because some one fucked up.

Garrett Quotes


M: What do you want your next birthday’s theme to be? Space? Because it’s out of this world!
G: That is the most basic space joke I’ve heard.
M: #Harsh!
G: I can give you more burns!
G: The first time you told me it, I didn’t even think it was a joke!
D: Hello? 911? I’d like to report a murder.

Garrett – Age 7

Jacksonville Autonomous Vehicles

Great to see Jacksonville trying out new things. This place needs better public transit in the worst way. This is a small step forward for Bay Street, one of our busier streets down town.