Updated: 2020-07-01

Who we are

Hello, I’m Nathan DeGruchy and my website address is: https://degruchy.org. I run this site. You can find out more about me and contact me.

What we Collect


If you choose to leave a comment, you agree to provide me with the comment itself, your name as input at the time of comment, your email address and an optional URL field. These are stored in the database and posted (if they fit the criteria). If you would like me to remove your comment, you may reach out to me at any time with the relevant information.


We use two CDNs on this site. One is Namecheap’s Supersonic, the other is Shortpixel. We use these services to help speed up the response time for the end user. To that end, please read the privacy policy on each of the respective services to see what they collect.