Updated: 2020-06-30

I am a fickle person, I will give you that. However, this does not make my opinions or thoughts any less relevant, or any less able to be changed when new information comes to light. If, for some reason, I have conflicting viewpoints over the course of my life, it is only that my thoughts are evolving on the matter.

Recognizing that you can grow and change as you process information is a sign of understanding the fluid nature of reality. Everything is not black and white, things can change. I try and keep that in mind with other people, too.

So, if you see one of my opinions (old or new), please note that what you’re seeing is a snapshot in time. A thought in the context of that period. Thoughts can and will change over time, or as new information becomes available. Please take the appropriate amount of understanding when viewing posts on this site.

Old Posts Banner

I’ve added a banner to any old post (one year or older) to remind readers of the fact that it may be out of date or old thinking. It links back here to make sure users are aware that old thoughts may just be old thoughts.

It looks something like this:

Please Note: This post is a year old or older. That means the content may have changed, be out of date with current thinking or just plain wrong. If you have any questions, comments or issues regarding this content, please send me an email with the link and your message.

Thank you.

— Nathan