Yeah, I stood up a new Gitea instance, again. Things have improved since last time. I’ve got a Lightsail instance that I don’t have to worry too much about. Especially if my home connection has issues, or, lord forbid, my server getting hacked and allowing the attacker onto my network proper.

It’s not as painless as Github, but it does work well. I’m using it in conjunction with my edits to the TwentyTwentyOne child-theme I’m using on this site. Ultimately, I feel like these are just toys to play with that are, at some points, useful.

Let’s see how long this lasts.

A World Without CSS or JavaScript

Would the world be better without these tools? Not too long ago, I might have agreed with that. The problem is people, not (entirely) the technology.

Kev recently posted about a designer’s thoughts on a style-less and javascript-less world. A world in which every page looks like something straight out of the 1980’s. While the idea behind these thoughts is sound: The current system allows for abuse and is often used harmfully. The problem with this thinking is that regardless of the medium, humans will abuse it to the maximum extent to get what they want. HTML is easy to abuse, and other formats that try and slim it down more, like Gemini and Markdown are still very abusable.

Ultimately, I think that Bradely is too close to the problem. As a designer, I can imagine that seeing such abuses daily, in and around your own work, and work of others in your peer group, can really drain the love of the craft out of your life.

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic at home, and I’ve fallen off my weight-loss horse. I didn’t stop exercising, but I did stop eating as well as I should have. The (basically) all-chicken diet just wasn’t working for me. So, this weekend, my wife and I resubscribed to Weight Watchers.

I like WW because it’s a no pretense, eat what you want kind of ‘diet’. They call it a healthy lifestyle alteration, because it’s not trying to stop you from eating things, or keep you on some sort of nutrient deficiency. They just make you aware of what you eat, and help you find healthier choices. I also like it because I know it works for me.

Now, comes the hard part. Settling in to try and lose the weight I put on in the last few weeks and to keep that momentum going.

Whenever I’ve had to do internships for my schooling (both in my associate’s and upcoming in my bachelor’s program), as a working person, it feels weird to be asked to take an internship for what, ostensibly, what I’m already doing.

Most of the time, the people don’t mind too much, even if the job I’m doing is only tangentially related to the program focus. I imagine there are few jobs that focus enough on the core mechanics, and allow internships, that anything you can do to get some experience is better than the alternative.