My Toolkit

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Because I’m struggling to come up with some longer blog posts, I thought I’d make a list of my current tools that I rely on, on Windows. Many of them are, however, cross-platform, because I tend to be a digital nomad, and having familiar tools is essential in this line of work.

I Want to be Where the Programs Are…

I think I would love to be completely immersed in a computer ecosystem of one make or another. Systems where I can have parental controls, and email, and service sync, and MDM, and authentication, etc. I am just tired of having to cobble together disparate services and hope the integration works well.

Microsoft 365 is Awesome/Weird

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In the case of Office Suites that also offer robust email services and generous storage, it’s really hard to beat Microsoft 365. There are lots more reasons to use it and love it, but man, sometimes it can be just a confusing mess.