Following the Templates

I created some buttons in Directory Opus to create some templated folders for me.

New Pi Project: Quake LAN Server

I’ve been playing a lot of Quake lately. Primarily because this laptop isn’t that powerful, and partially because it’s still a really good game. Despite its age. Lots of mappers, modders and other creative types have expanded upon it countless times and made truly incredible things.

Graven. Running a modded Quake engine

The other thing I like about Quake is that it is simple. There isn’t a whole lot to the base game. Brushes make up walls and other structures. Entities are stuff like lava, water, and other stuff. Once you understand that, the whole thing becomes really simple to wrap your head around. The gameplay is similarly simple. There are no alt-fire modes or class dynamics and builds, no meta game. Just you, your skill and the environment.

Since this seems like my mid-life crisis, I may as well lean into it. Like I mentioned, there is a lot of good content floating around out there. Similarly, there is still a beating community of multiplayer servers out there. Even a project to run a Quake (1, 2 & 3) server on a Raspberry Pi. In fact, I think I’m going to make that my starting point. I already have an un-used Raspberry Pi 3B kicking around.

Memorial Day will be the day I also remember and relive some of my childhood.