Computers Feelings Rants

I’m not growing up, I’m just burning out

I really hate computers.

That would be a lie in normal circumstances, but in relation to working on computers, it’s an absolute truth.

I also hate doing two people’s jobs while still only being paid one hourly wage. It’s like being double-raped because I know enough to be able to do it. It’s like some macabre way of being repaid for paying attention and being good at what I do.

So, here I sit, burning DVDs at the last possible second because a faculty member needs this done for something dubiously related to work. Yeah, great.

Why am I doing it? Well, I suppose because our “A.V. Guy” isn’t in and because of some perverse sense of duty because I know how to do it and that I can do it well enough.

At least I have my mac. I never really though I’d say it, but I’m so glad to have my computer back with all the applications that I actually love to work in. That’s a scary thought. That I could actually enjoy working because of an application and the way it presents the workflow.

Computers Rants

RAM Issue

So. I know I’m sort of computer smarty-man, but that doesn’t mean I’m checking every single specific component to a computer when it comes in. I mean, there is a level of trust I have for a company to get something right.

That’s why I was shocked when I noticed my machine, which I had specified to have a Gigabyte of RAM in it, only had 512 MB.

That’s right, in addition to the broken pixels on the display, I’ve now got half the RAM I paid for.

I have rarely been so livid.

If they don’t do anything about this, I’m zeroing out the HDD and getting a new sweet monitor for my now useless server at home and using Ubuntu for the rest of my days >:(

Misc Rants

Frustration Levels Mounting…

Ok. I don’t hate my job at all. In fact, I love doing computer work. There comes a certain satisfaction for getting everything up and running perfectly, so that the system is humming like a well tuned engine.

However, there are many times when you run into people who simply do not know what they are talking about. Even if they appear/claim to be well qualified professionals, you just know they’re spouting B.S.

I need to relax. Help Desk is a difficult environment to work in and still stay objective. Besides, I’m not the one at risk if something blows up…



…is an abortion of a program.

Not only does it not play well with multi-user systems (like gasp windows xp), but it’s slow, ugly and breaks even basic UI guidelines.

It’s like throw up, on your computer, that you write shit with. I am so sick of having to support it here at work. I mean, I know a lot of unfortunate people still use it, but jesus. Every time you have to ‘fix it’ you end up having to tear through the registry. Yeah, that’s right, to fix WordPerfect so it works on multi-user accounts, YOU HAVE TO MODIFY THE REGISTRY.

What indeed.

Computers Rants



Apple released some cool stuff. ^_^; Hopefully I’ll be able to afford it :p

Also how it should be


omg dude, this sux, my router is ded ;_;
btw: valid html ^_^