A picture of Emma, our calico cat, sitting on my lap; A Switch controller off to the right.
Emma wants me to stop playing on the Switch

Wonder Woman: 1984

The new Wonder Woman trailer for ‘1984’ dropped a few days ago, and it’s got a really good remix of New Order’s “Blue Monday” playing over it. Not only does the song sort of encompass the sort of techno-new-vapor-age music of the mid-to-late 80’s, but it’s got this nice foreboding build up in both the lyrics and the beat itself. Perfect for a trailer.

Here’s the song itself:

And If you want to see the trailer (of course you do)


Music Spending Habits

I guess I don’t spend as much money on music as I thought I did.

All in all, I’ve spent about $375.57 since 2003. Not bad, but I do find that my music collection lacks a lot of music I like.

Editor’s Note: I’m leaving this archive link in place because it’s an ancient post. No document exists at that address.

Computers Media

Python is Fun

Python is fun.

No, really, it’s fun. There are a bunch of modules that make it easy to implement ideas that may feel complex in other languages (I’m looking at you Perl.).


Not to mention, the most excellent program (for mac) TextMate makes it all the more fun It does auto- complete and you can run your script inside TextMate with a single command (or externally with a different, single, command).