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Miss May is so Pretty

Doing her signature paw lift.

A Bit Lighter, Now

Summer means hot. Hot means sweat, and sweat means gross. My lovely wife cut my hair down-to-size so I can do less of the aforementioned.

Canonically Awesome

Nathan DeGruchy: A silent film.

…And now, it’s a web cam! I was able to get it streaming so that I could see it in VLC with GPhoto2 and Video4Linux2Loopback (yes, that’s a mouthful). I found out the instructions through this helpful post on askUbuntu.

So much awesome. Now I need to get a light and I can finally teleconference like a CEO!*

*: The CEO of this office.

So, I feel mildly vindicated, and pretty stupid. It’s been going on 5 years since I got this Canon Rebel T6 DSLR and I’m just now learning how to use it to take video. Previously, I’d whip out my phone for that task (though, my phone shoots in 4k and ultra-wide, now).

New stuff to play with!

Orcs Link to Racism

Orc – Wikipedia #Alleged Racism

The film-maker Andrew Stewart, writing in CounterPunch, cites this speech as an instance of “mid-twentieth century scientific racism .. which alarmingly spells out the notion of ‘race mixing’ as a great sin”. Stewart notes, too, that the geography of Middle-earth deliberately pits the good West against the evil East; John Magoun, writing in the J.R.R. Tolkien Encyclopedia, concurs, supposing that Middle-earth has a “moral geography”.

By Ian Alexander – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Learn something new every day. Some of the conjectures make sense, and they do go on to say that it wasn’t entirely racism, but just a sign of the times. Like Tom and Jerry cartoons, there is racism, but it’s more of a reflection of the times, rather than a deliberate act.

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