Jobsville, Population: Me

Coming friday, to a life called ‘mine’ is:

JOB INTERVIEW 2006.NET XP Pro Edition!

That’s right. I’m getting a job interview with a certain law firm. If they like me enough, I could be making double what I normally make at my current job, doing essentially the same thing. Except I’d actually be working most of the time and not goofing off. Like what I’m doing now :O

Also. Target (the store) are a bunch of bastards. Twice as much Ed: Double the price. What rip-off-artists!

Yes, I’ve become such a console addict that I’m complaining about paying full retail price for a fairly new game for a current-generation console. Stupid SSB:M!

I’ve also started cutting most of the ‘computer’ out of ‘computer work’. Lugging around a laptop can be quite a chore (even if it is a sexy one). So, I’ve moved most of what I do and love onto a USB Flash Drive. In fact, I’m typing via Portable Firefox (since my boss gets all Spanish Inquisition on me when she sees any new applications installed that she doesn’t know about). Using tiny programs on a tiny drive just brings back the nostalga of the good ol’ days of DOS and dial-up BBS‘es.  Where men were men Ahhhh…

Anyway, I finally got paid a “normal” paycheck. You know, not one crippled by the holidays? Yeah. So now I can actually pay my bills. FANTASTIC!

So that’s all for now. Gots to study for more tests. Yippie!