I’ve been going to a personal trainer for some… 3 months, now? Seems like just a few weeks ago. I was kind of nervous and hesitant on going. After all, I had never really properly exercised before, and the boot camp I had attended some years ago damn near killed me. Thankfully, I’ve had quite a different experience this time around.

My trainer, Tobais, has been not only super chill, but very helpful. He watches my progress and understands where I need work, and where I’m already good at. It’s crazy, I know, that someone I pay actually observes what I need and tweaks the routine. It’s gotten to such a point that I actually like working out at the gym.

I don’t know who this new person I’m developing into is, but I’m excited to see where it goes.


Diet and exercise are touted as the method to sure fire weight loss and overall health. It make sense. The body uses up calories as it moves. Diet changes the caloric intake to be more in line with what your body needs (versus the wants of the brain).

Electronic Mail

Email, the tried, true, classic and indispensable service. Everyone has one. No one uses it for real conversation. Email is too slow, too asynchronous. Text messages, chat programs and MicroBlogging services are the rage. I would even wager phone calls, such as they are, are more effective communications tools now-a-days.

Looking Forward to Sleep

Soon, I will be going on a short vacation. Nowhere exotic, just a nice tree-filled place an hour or so away. It’s a chance to turn off my brain and relax. I know people think I’m boring for just wanting to sleep or relax without doing anything. I find that the lack of stimulation is more enjoyable and more refreshing than packing every last minute in to a timetable.

What I’m Feeling

The world is getting a face full of COVID-19 and is not taking it well. Many places are closed or have changed their procedures. Places like Starbucks have gone to drive through only. Other places where people congregate have just closed altogether. Techy companies are moving any available workers to remote-work.

Except me. I’m here in the office. I was actually looking forward to working from home, since it’s a much more comfortable environment and I could get some stuff done. I’m a home-body, so I think I would have really enjoyed it.

Well, I’m somehow deemed “critical”. So much for that staycation.

Additionally, Animal Crossing is delayed delivery due to this stupid virus. Our anniversary trip to Disney is canceled. Our Disney cruise is also similarly canceled. My son now has to take his instruction via the web and even my goddamn weigh loss group is going to Zoom.

Work is also piling on. We have constant meetings with Microsoft regarding issues with their Outlook client. Demanding logs of all shapes and sizes be uploaded and proof, undeniable proof, is levied before they lift a finger. I also have been conscripted to develop PowerShell scripts that I’ve never done before, and for deployment to masses of users.

I feel beat down. Burnt out. Tired.

I tried to take a walk. I was interrupted for more work.

I finally got outside. It feels like a middle-finger seeing all the people out, having a good time, walking and talking to friends. Basically the opposite of what we’re supposed to be doing.

I just don’t care anymore.