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A picture of Google's Activity History for a random account


Today starts a new day. After 15 years of having an old Google Account, through the closure of so many applications (some more useful than others), I’ve finally shed my Google Account. This was following several days of planning, reconnaissance and account cleanup to ensure that I wasn’t going to hamstring myself by doing it. I waited for several more days to see if Google’s Takeout tool would provide me with a final dump of everything, but alas, it took longer than I have patience for.

I have to say, it feels a little freeing, a little nerve wracking and a little anti-climactic. Deletion of the account was fast, almost too fast. I do feel good that I am no longer feeding my information Google directly, and I’m doing what I can to block side-channel attempts at collecting my information. I know it’s not entirely possible, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

Going forward, I think I’m going to be much more cautious with my account creation. Services should be carefully considered before signing up, and only if self-hosting or securing is deemed too difficult or time-consuming to do so. Owning your data should be more important than the convenience aspect.

A picture of a list of various projects Google has killed off over the years
Goodbye, Google
Immortal Tatsu's birthday in which he receives some Kanye shades and an oversized necklace with his name on it.

Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband

The Immortal Tatsu gives up his life of crime in the Yakuza to marry his sweetheart and become a house husband. With all that unbound energy, he directs it all toward some the best manga I’ve ever read. Look at this:

Immortal Tatsu and his old rival give some girls who want some boba tea a rather intense stare
Immortal Tatsu and his old Yakuza rival serve boba tea. Intensely.

One of my favorites is early in the series where Tatsu tries out a new Roomba with some disastrous results.

Tatsu lies broken, defeated by a very funny series of events
Tatsu’s rookie has a bad attitude.
Emma looks into the camera, her ears flattened due to the sheet she's under

Cat Pictures

I have cats. Here are some pictures of them. I know from my vast experience with the Internet, that cats are an Internet thing. Enjoy!