Smart, funny and telling

A great, funny video on why corporate-run social media is destined to die, and why owning your content on those platforms (using concepts around the IndieWeb) is so important.

He also did an amazing talk on, of all things, web font loading performance.

Much in the same way hosts user’s uploaded photos (by default) in a photo gallery, I just implemented a similar feature by way of shortcodes. That means you can now see all the uploaded images (attached or not) on one convenient page.

Caution: There are a lot of uploaded images. I’ve taken care to use a CDN and to lazy-load the images, but there are still quite a few objects there. It may take a while to load, or kill your mobile bandwidth.

Edit: 😂

Not bad for ~500 requests…
AJR – Bang

This song has been running through my head over and over. I’m worried that the number of replays in my head will incur royalties…

A screenshot of my desktop for "Screenshot Sunday". It depicts PHPStorm, editing my core module for WordPress, as well as two Firefox windows open to documentation and my blog admin screen.
Screenshot Sunday

Haven’t done one of these since Fosstodon.

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