Okay. Let’s do this one last time, from the beginning.

Hi there! My name is Nathan DeGruchy, and I’m a guy on the Internet who does computer-y things for a living. I am kept sane by my wife and son, Garrett. I love Open Source software and run some form of Linux on anything I’m allowed to run it on.

Outside of technology, I enjoy cold weather, coffee, sleeping and generally being snarky. Since I’m a father, now, I also take unbelievable amounts of pleasure from telling bad dad jokes and hearing the resulting groans.

Most of the time, this blog will be pretty quiet. I post most of my terrible content on Mastodon, first. So, look for me there. I have, of course, an email address and a corresponding XMPP address you can chat with me on.

So, sit back, enjoy and poke around on the various pieces of my Internet presence. Things like terrible photos, my terrible code snippets and configurations. You can also read my resume.

Thanks for stopping by!



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