About Me

In which I have a page about me.


Hello! My name is Nathan and I’m a technologist living and working in the south east. I love breaking crap and fixing it. I tend to break more than I fix. When I’m not breaking and fixing stuff, I’m playing games with my son or going to Disney with my family. I am a strong Free and Open Source Software supporter and use Linux and other free-software tools as much as possible.


I post here semi-frequently. Though, mainly I post my short ideas on Fosstodon (Mastodon). You can also find me on other systems, like the ones below:

GNUPG Public Key

If you need to send me something encrypted, you can find my public key in the various repositories under “nathan@degruchy.org”. You can also download it here, too.

Professional Works

I also have a crazy cool resume that catalogs the various professional things I’ve done in my life. You can read all about it below.