Political Infection

I desperately want to say that I don’t know why a clear-cut danger to large portions of otherwise healthy individuals is somehow politicized, but here we are and I’m sure I get the gist of it.

A clip from an article appearing on News4JAX

I wish I didn’t get it. I wish I didn’t know that these people who are against it are scrambling to pick up Trump’s rabid, fanatical constituents who, without any evidence, storm the Capital, kill and die for you. I wish I didn’t know that these are all machinations that play to a larger grab of power. I wish I didn’t have to know that the next soothsayer in Chief will try to be DeSantis. I wish I didn’t have to know that.

What I genuinely don’t know is, why are people trying to dodge this like it’s business as usual? Why do people hate masks so much? Why are people so afraid of a vaccine? Why is it bad when people are just trying to not die a horrible, choking death from a disease that has killed millions, affected millions more and has put every system to it’s breaking point?

Money? Is this all about money? The fuck is wrong with people?