Idle Thoughts

Chatting is the new hotness. It has been for a while, but services like Slack, Discord and Teams are the new 800lb gorillas on the field and I’m wondering if I could unify my needs onto one platform.

Cross Platform?YesYesYesYesYes*
Custom Emoji?YesNo?YesYesNo*
A comparison matrix

I waffle between wanting to do the least (iMessage), to wanting to control the flow by having everything inside a family organization. I know that moving people to another platform is neigh impossible, but it’s always nice to explore your options.

Right now, I’d love to get everyone using Teams. I already pay for it through Office 365, and it has file sharing, pictures, emoji and the whole 9, but it’s controlled and contained by the family unit — the problem is getting people to use it. iMessage has such a low surface friction as to be impossible to compete with.

Why is this stuff so hard?