Electronic Mail

Email, the tried, true, classic and indispensable service. Everyone has one. No one uses it for real conversation. Email is too slow, too asynchronous. Text messages, chat programs and MicroBlogging services are the rage. I would even wager phone calls, such as they are, are more effective communications tools now-a-days.

I spend good money for my Email service. Good money that gets me calendars, contacts on top of that. However… I find myself with an open Outlook that contains just one slowly rotting message I’ve yet to get to, an archive of messages I will likely never look at again and a spam folder which, ironically, seems to be where the bulk of my incoming items are sent.

So, why bother? I mean, I know I have to have a functioning mailbox for services that don’t yet have proper 2FA. I also know that there comes a time that some “legitimate” email comes through that I have to process… but by and large… I don’t use it. So why do I bother? The rest of the stuff that comes into my mailbox would count as bulk mail from the USPS.

It’s almost as if the highly complicated, battle-tested and robust email system has been relegated to being an ephemeral notification queue. I could probably set a retention policy on my mailbox that would clear messages out after a week, and not notice a difference. I just feel bad that so much infrastructure, code and manpower has gone into what amounts to a chore.

Hey! (the app) seems like a good alternative to this. That is, if you actually get correspondence from people. I do not. It’d be another massive waste of money and further manpower (etc) to use that service, instead.

So, what do we do with email? Is it time to start depreciating it?