Printing with *3* Dimensions

As someone who is, generally not a “creative type”, my foray into creating things tends to be a bit more… formal. It’s not that I don’t enjoy art. On the contrary, I find it quite nice. However, my talents lie elsewhere. Hence, the 3D Printer.

I used to think that 3D printers were just neat. A novelty that I had no business getting into, since it meant investing in a printer, material and finding models to actually print. I was kind of overwhelmed. My friend, Thomas, had one and had done some neat things, but I didn’t see myself making good use of it.

Yeah, that was absurd. For very little money, and a bit of time, I can fix all sorts of minor inconveniences or enhance things just a bit. No longer do I need to pay lots of money to some Etsy seller from overseas to get some simple part for a game or functional component. It’s really empowering feeling to be able to print something tangible.

How have your experiences been with 3d printing? I know there are a lot of pitfalls and issues with the process, but so far it’s not been as daunting as I had feared.

By Nathan DeGruchy

IT Support extraordinaire. FOSS lover and proud Husband and Father.