KDE is Great

This week we have yet another interesting new user interface feature to talk about. The old “What’s This?” feature has been re-worked as a shiny and …

This week in KDE: Expandable tooltips and more

One of the things I love about Linux is the K Desktop Environment (or KDE). It’s what. Well managed, highly integrated UI should be like. While not all parts are great, it shows potential in every update. This one being no exception.

That being said: getting a Linux system to that state is often far more difficult than it should be. I know that there are distributions that make this less of a hassle, but I tend to be pretty picky about what gets loaded. Probably why I get so bogged down when I run Linux. I get this forever choice paralysis around packages, tools and what I need.

The opposite happens on Windows. I get it mostly squared away in an hour or two of of tweaking and I’m done. While I sometimes miss the customization I could do, I find that it’s really for nothing life altering. Couple that with the odd interface choices I have to make around different services, or the constant need to have a terminal open to do odd tasks and it just chafes at me.

Maybe one day I’ll go back. For now, though. I’m pretty happy where I am.