I Want to be Where the Programs Are…

I think I would love to be completely immersed in a computer ecosystem of one make or another. Systems where I can have parental controls, and email, and service sync, and MDM, and authentication, etc. I am just tired of having to cobble together disparate services and hope the integration works well.

At first, it was all about Apple. Apple has a very snazzy system, but it lacks a lot of basic stuff, like domain-email and multiple system management. Google… well Google seems like a good candidate at first, but they have no local applications for Office applications. I also feel kind of scuzzy using them. Microsoft has a great system in place, but different pieces require strange different plans to enable. It’s like it needs E3 just to have a basic level of “everything”.

I used to be a strong proponent of self-hosting. I say used to because I found that as I get older, I care less and less about doing it myself. I don’t have the time and energy to manage, let alone secure and implement properly, services and systems that all are different and loosely integrated. I would gladly pay someone else to do it right.

There has to be a middle ground. Microsoft seems to be the closest to this goal, even if it is expensive.

By Nathan DeGruchy

IT Support extraordinaire. FOSS lover and proud Husband and Father.