I Found it on eBay

I’ve been a long time eBay member (since December of 1998). Back when getting Linux CDs mailed to you for $5 was a thing. I didn’t sell much, though, as I was (at the time) comfortable with the crazy amount of crap I had accumulated over the years. I mean, I just rounded 26 sales on my account this year.


Recently, though, I’ve been peeking around more frequently. I see things that I like, or would have liked to have purchased, but I didn’t want to buy it new for whatever unbelievable amount it was going for at the time. Things like music CDs, old software, board games (Hero Quest anyone?) all catch my interest and have me checking in more frequently than Amazon does.

I think I’m kind of hitting a mid-life crisis, or at least a semblance of one. Lately I’ve been digging into my old game collection and playing some classics, like Doom, Quake and more. I’ve been following up on some of the amazing work that was done by modding and mapping communities over the last several decades. It’s been a real delight. Plus, most of that stuff will run at good speed even on this ancient dual core laptop.

Quake has been my real jam lately. Mods like “Arcane Dimensions” and “Frikbot” have been a blast to run through and enjoy. While some of it is harder to find, and harder still to find instructions on how to get them working on Windows 10, it’s still really awesome and surprising to see how much support is still there.

Quake: Arcane Dimensions. Running on QuakeSpasm.

I’m also trying my hand at amateur Doom and Quake level building. I used to be decent at both. Back when I had more time and energy to pour into such projects. It’s been a blast re-learning, though. They’re simple enough to understand and don’t require crazy model-building skills like most modern titles do. I hope to have something neat to post sometime in the future.

By Nathan DeGruchy

IT Support extraordinaire. FOSS lover and proud Husband and Father.