Trip Report: Personal Trainer

I’ve been overweight for what seems like all of my memory, save a few when I was four. While I always had aspirations to be thin (or at least healthy), it was never a core driver.

Now that I’m turning the corner to 39, I’ve decided that I’ve got to something about my weight, otherwise I won’t be able to meet my grandchildren or experience cool new technology and stories. After a lot of false starts with Ring Fit, some on-off workouts at the gym at work and then COVID, I decided to get a personal trainer.

My wife knows several people who employ them and they’ve all had good things to say, about one in particular, too. After a brief exchange over iMessage, I met him at the local gym. This is when I was introduced to my new 30-day meal plan, my new supplements and my new water intake regimen. I took all this in stride, after all, he was going to see I was deathly out of shape and do some baby steps for me, right?

Tuesday, today, I show up. Fresh new gear for working out. I step into the gym, get his attention and he details what the workout plan will be. I start, in earnest, a rookie mistake. It’s not long before I’m already winded, having to stop to catch my breath. The next few exercises introduce me to a resistance band and some variations of the first few workouts. My throat feels dry, I can swear I taste some copper every time I cough, which is now more frequently.

I should have asked to slow down there.

“No” my brain says, flatly. I’m no weakling. I’ve done Ring Fit!

I have been training for days!

A few minutes later, I excuse myself to the bathroom, where I promptly throw up.

To his credit, my trainer was light hearted about it. He knows it’s hard to start, but that it’s important to actually start.

So, Tobias, I’ll see you on Thursday!