Thanks, Beko. I also talked with Peter Molnar in #indieweb-wordpress about some of the confusion I’ve been having. He had a lot of interesting stuff to say on the matter. Additionally, he posted almost entirely my thoughts on things, just this year. Ultimately, though, my decision to stay on WordPress (instead of using or Known) boils down to this:

  • WordPress is a known quantity for me. Even thought the boards are creaking and there is dry rot, I still know how to make it go.
  • Similarly, extending WordPress is an order of magnitude simpler than something like, or Known (I’m actually not entirely sure how hard it is to extend Known.)
  • All my stuff is already here. I\’m lazy and I don’t want to put in the work.
  • Because I’m self-hosted, I can move wherever I want. While I can export my data from other services, it’s more of a hassle.
  • I don’t have to rely on the kindness of strangers for things like external webmention support, comments, post kinds, font hosting, etc.

While there is, invariably, more work to do; I feel comfortable here and I can pick at it slowly.