Webmention, ActivityPub Support!

I’ve finally enabled some IndieWeb features here on my blog, including Webmention (after the comments section) and ActivityPub support. Both of these features will allow people to either follow me, or respond on their own systems without having to rely on centralized control, or using a system that silos their data.

For ActivityPub, the protocol that Mastodon and friends use, you can find my posts at @nathan@degruchy.org — Follow me there and I should see your responses and/or follows. Since I don’t have an official Mastodon account anymore, I can’t really see it for myself, but if someone wants to give it a try, feel free!

<3 The Open Web and Open Protocols!

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  1. Great to hear about the progress. I might implement ActivityPub later, but I recently also got webmentions working. I did check your @nathan@degruchy.org fediverse account, no new content just yet but I’ll keep checking. Have a good one!

    Thanks! I might not keep it installed, as it seems to be a feature closely resembling Ping/Trackbacks. It feels like a lot of the IndieWeb tools shadow included features in WordPress, but slightly different. Post Kinds shadow Post Formats, Webmentions: Ping/Trackbacks, MicroPub: XMLRPC, JSON or Rest APIs.

    Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to like about IndieWeb. There is also a lot of duplicated effort.

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