I’m Going Through Changes

Ah, the iOS app change logs. “Bug fixes and performance improvements”. How… descriptive. I know it’s not really something that Apple users are looking for in their updates, but as someone who has done development, I appreciate seeing them. Some developers, like 1Password, WordPress and a handful of others do a great job of outlining the things that were fixed from version to version. Most, however, are like the screenshot above.

Compare this with a typical change log on a Linux system (not all distros do this — RPM-based ones have it available).

A picture of a terminal emulator showing the output of "rpm -q --changelog shadow"
The RPM change log for the ‘shadow’ package.

I know it takes effort. Microsoft and Flickr should know better, though. They have scores of people who are able to add this kind of information to the app store change log.

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  1. I do not like how vague the “we fixed stuff” trope is in change logs. I would at least like for developers to have an option to read further into what is being worked on.

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