New Laptop and Linux

Not too long ago, I picked up a Lenovo Thinkpad L440 laptop on eBay. It comes with Windows 10 Pro on it, but I could care less. I’m, obviously, going to install Linux on it because that’s my preferred platform. The question, now, is what flavor am I going to go with? Currently my desktop runs ArchLinux, which is great for keeping on the bleeding-edge. My ChromeBook-turned-LinuxBook is running GalliumOS because of the compatibility patches and packages that help make using the ChromeBook’s… unique hardware… less of a pain.

Moving forward, I think I’m going to give OpenSuSE a try. It’s been decades since I’ve used SuSE, and I imagine a massive amount of things have changed. They use KDE as the default environment, which I think will be a great Desktop Environment (DE) for the laptop, plus it’s very fast and generally lightweight. I honestly think I’m going to enjoy this a lot.

On top of this, OpenSuSE has a rolling-release distribution (similar to ArchLinux) in tandem with their more contemporary timed-release. Which means I can choose to be just as bleeding edge, but with OpenSuSE’s cool build server to get out of band packages.

The next few days are going to be exciting!

By Nathan DeGruchy

IT Support extraordinaire. FOSS lover and proud Husband and Father.