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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In which I gush about the new Animal Crossing game.

I cannot wait for this game to come out. I’ve been a fan since the GameCube days, and the new iteration looks spectacular. Right now, my son and I are holding our own in the Pocket Camp, which has done a good job of IV dripping the causal goodness of core game mechanics, without being too detailed.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Animal Crossing without the existential dread of a mortgage to hold above your head…

They seriously could have just continued the same old formula and had a very successful game. This time, it seems like they’re upping the fidelity and learning from previous games where pain points were. Esepcially with the inclusion of path-making.

Oh sweet goodness! Path building! We no longer have to painstakingly build custom art tiles to lay down a path. Esepcially since they introduced wear and tear on grass.

My immediate family are all waiting excitedly for March. The fact that you can play with 4 players locally is just another amazing upgrade. No having to play hot seat if multiple people in the house wanted to play. Additionally, you can have up to 8 people with net play (local or Internet-based). Crazy!

Hype levels: max.

I’m going to have to pre-order this game and set aside a day off to enjoy it fully. Maybe even get a new controller so we can all play at the same time.

By Nathan

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