Trump’s Inaccurate Forecast

President (sigh) Trump posted on Twitter that Dorian’s path had included Alabama inside the cone of uncertainty. This was immediately rebuffed by the National Weather Service. To add insult to injury, the President was recorded holding up clearly doctored charts that included Alabama, which was highlighted in black marker, not something the NWS would do on one of their computer generated maps.

A picture of a clearly doctored cone of uncertanty map for Hurricane Dorian
Closer view of doctored hurricane map. – White House Twitter

The idea that our President made a mistake in saying Alabama would be hit, and then not either retracting it and/or simply apologizing for the mistake is crazy. He doesn’t just not apologize, he doubles down saying he was right all along.

You can read more about this idiocy on ArsTechnica and on NPR. For whom I am glad are keeping on top of stupid, childish shit like this.

Posted by Nathan

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