Magic The Gathering

Over the last few days, I’ve been working on cleaning up the collection of crap I’ve accumulated over the many years living in this wonderful house of ours. One of them is my collection of Magic cards. These cards, much like the rest of the junk in my section of the house is a hodgepodge of years and years of collecting and storing them away. As with most games that evolve with time, my collection from this series has become stale but more ‘collectible’. Given that I am unlikely to find the time or energy into getting up to speed with current mechanics and collection, I’ve decided to pass on this trove to someone who might appreciate it.

To that end, I’ve begun the absolutely mind-numbing process of cataloging everything. I’m a little more than half-way done, and I’m already impressively over 2000 cards. Going through these has been quite the nostalgia trip and selling them is going to be a tough, but needed break. I’ll always remember the good times I had with these cards. Some more than others. It was a good part of my life that I’ll look back on fondly.

If there is anyone who even reads my blog, and is interested in my collection, I’ve put together a spreadsheet of what I have (CSV to come later). Let me know what you’re interest in and we can discuss details. As always, remember I have my public key on the sidebar for communication security and authenticity.