Emacs + ISpell + Abbrev = Wicked Good

Sometimes it’s hard to gush over code. I mean, for what it’s worth, this code really just replicates the often mocked ‘feature’ of our smartphones, though I’d wager a little bit more intelligently.

The gist (ha!) is that when you try to fix a misspelled word using C-x C-i you not only correct the mistake, but generate an abbreviation that will auto-correct the word if/when you try to write it again. This code also doesn’t just take over the spell-checking component (Flyspell’s M-$), so if you’re looking to just fix a word and don’t need to auto-correct, or if you’re just editing another person’s prose, you can continue to do so without bloating up your own auto-correct system. As a bonus, it saves the change to your Emacs configuration so that you can transfer it when needed.

This is excellent for my own purposes, as I have a couple of words that I will never be able to spell, no matter how hard I seem to try (“necssicary”, I’m looking at you). I’m sure a similar setup could be done in Vim, as it has the same basic components.